Books by Leon Sheleff
The topics of Leon Sheleff's books reflect the breadth of his interests: from the sociology of law to the psycho-sociology of intergenerational dynamics; from tribal law in conflict with Western law to the complexities of civil disobedience and conscientious objection; from a critique of the abolitionist stance on capital punishment to aî impassioned cry for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians; from an analysis of altruism to an exposition of democratic elements in Judaism and Jewish law; from a critique of the Israeli political system to a provocative overview of Jewish-Christian relations throughout the ages.
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Behavior, Law, Ethics
The dyadic connection between two strangers—a victim in distress and his or her potential rescuer—offers a glimpse into the network of human relationships. The examination of such interactions and the way they are expressed is the subject of this book.

Adult Hostility to Youth
Generations Apart is a fascinating critique of the psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, politics, law, literature and myths dealing with generational conflict—as well as a study of family life, education, juvenile care systems, and the upheavals of the 1960’s. Published over 20 years ago, the book is still relevant today.

Capital Punishment, Life Imprisonment, Physical Torture
By placing the death penalty controversy in a broader light, this book makes us all come to grips with some of the most important moral, political and legal questions that all societies—and their citizens—must face.

A Critique of Weber, Durkheim and Marx
Weber. Durkheim and Marx, the giants of sociological thought, all used the law as a major underpinning of their social theories. This book takes a critical look at their analyses and points to their faulty understanding of how the law has developed over the centuries.

Customary Law, Common Law, and Legal Pluralism
This book offers a comprehensive survey of various aspects of tribal life and focuses on political issues, such as the meaning of sovereignty, legal issues dealing with the role of custom, and social issues concerned with sustaining communal life. In this original comparative study, Sheleff analyzes the conflicts that arise between Western law and tribal custom with respect to such matters as polygamy, female circumcision, land rights and the ceremonial use of drugs.

Jewish-Christian Relations Through the Ages
This book shows how Jewish-Christian relations have been affected by the fundamental narratives of each religion: for Judaism, the Akedah, the Binding of Isaac; for Christianity, the Crucifixion.

From Intractable Problems to Feasible Solutions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The time has come to tackle the thorniest issues dividing Israel and the Palestinians: Jerusalem, the occupation and the right of return. This book proposes possible solutions for these seemingly insurmountable problems.

The Legal Legacies of Two Uncommon Common Law Jurists
This book traces the development of constitutional law in the United States and Great Britain, comparing the impact of John Marshall's notion of judicial review with Sir Edward Coke's view of developmental common law.

The Socio-Legal Implications of Alcoholism among Indigenous People
It is widely known that Western conquerors used alcohol to subjugate indigenous people in countries all over the world. In this comparative study, the argument is made that, like the tobacco companies, who have been held accountable for nicotine addiction, the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages--and the governments that knowingly used them--should make restitution to those people who are still suffering the ravages of alcoholism.

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