Social Activism
Making a Difference
The fight for the right to be human
Leon Sheleff spent a significant amount of his time and energy fighting for justice and human rights outside the realm of his academic work. His dedication to fairness and decency, and his deep passion for bringing to light the human aspect of even the most difficult situations made him unique among fellow activists and thinkers.
Leon's continuous involvement with the Israeli peace movement culminated, with typical persistent optimism, in his last book, The Thin Green Line: from Intractable Problems to Feasible Solutions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
But his dedication to human rights and social issues went well beyond the domain of Middle East politics. He was involved in many causes and organizations, such as prisoners' rights and pardoning, children's rights, struggles of indigenous people for legal recognition, women's issues and Amnesty International, to name a few.
Leon was an active member of the community, involved with many projects revolving around the revival of liberal Judaism in Israel. Never an outsider, even when traveling to foreign lands he immediately got involved with the local people, asking questions, listening carefully, and offering helpful advice. He touched people's lives in innumerable ways -- both on a global scale and in personal ways. In all dimensions of life, he was someone who cared.