A Few Drops in the Ocean
Covering everything from victimology to politics, law to biblical commentary, Leon's writing spanned a vast range of topics
During his academic career Leon wrote and published hundreds of articles and papers, covering all the central themes of his work. In this section you will find a comprehensive list of all his publications, as well as a few selected pieces that represent a small fraction of this output.
For each article there are a few key paragraphs on the web page itself, followed by a link to a PDF document with the article in its entirety. The PDF can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer for later reading or printing. You will need the free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, in order to view the articles.
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List of Publications
A comprehensive list in PDF format of all Leon Sheleff's published works click here >>
The Convention and the Court
The Geneva Convention and the Israeli Supreme Court - human rights in the occupied territories click here >>
Tribalism - Vague but Valid
The nature of customary law in the modern state: specifically the manner in which the traditional beliefs and practice of tribal groupings may be recognized by state authorities click here >>
Drowning One's Sorrow
An exploration of the legal implications of alcoholism among indigenous people. click here >>
Abraham, the Father, at Mount Moriah
An examination of the story of the Akedah through a fresh and intriguing perspective click here >>
The Rule of Law, Human Rights and the Good Society
This article can be read at Google Books: > Leon Sheleff > Israel Yearbook on Human Rights - page ‏ 289
Punishment, Prisoners' Rights and Pardons
This article can be read at Google Books (note that several pages have been deleted): > Leon Sheleff > Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel - page 245
The Future of Jewish Tradition: Doomed to Eclipse
or Destined to Rejuvenation
This article can be read at Google Books (note that several pages have been deleted): > Leon Sheleff > Ethnizität, Moderne und Enttraditionalisierung - page 327