Childhood in Cape Town
Mama's Boy
Leon Saul Shaskolsky was born on July 29, 1934 in a small fisherman's village near Cape Town, South Africa. His arrival was something of a birthday gift for his mother, Jane, who had just turned 30 the day before.
Up until Jane's death at age 94, they continued to celebrate their birthdays together.
With his sister, Sybil
Even at a young age, "Likkie" had a way
of looking at things from a different perspective.
With friends at Cape Town beach
It was his friends who gave him the nickname, Shaz--from Shaskolsky. For years he was known as "Leon Shaz".
With father Ruby and mother Jane
Both of Shaz's parents were born in South Africa, to parents who had immigrated from Lithuania. Shaz often credited his father for planting the seeds of his social consciousness.
Part of a family
Shaz's mother was one of eight, his father one of four. This gave him many opportunities to show his devotion, not only to his sister, Sybil, and his brother, Ivor, but also to his in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews.