The Heart of a Family
On May 5, 1969, Leon Shaskolsky (later Sheleff) married Rinah Lipis, daughter of Rabbi Philip and Shoshanah Lipis. The wedding took place at North Suburban Synagogue Beth El in Highland Park, Illinois, where Rinah's father was the officiating rabbi.
Shaz's encounter with the Conservative movement, both at Beth El and in Ohio, where he studied and taught, opened his eyes to the possibilities of a more pluralistic, egalitarian and democratic Judaism than he had known in South Africa or in Israel. This awareness found expression years later in two of his books: The Rule of Law and the Nature of Politics and Weeds in the Garden of Eden.
And then they were three
Where would a budding scholar take his baby daughter if not to the annual Hebrew Book Fair?!
Abba Shaz
Kinor Lee Sheleff was born on June 6, 1971. Just over a year later, on September 19, 1972, Ariel Jordan joined the family.
Family joys
WIth Kinor and Ariel
Still crazy after all these years...