Social Cohesion and Legal Coercion
LEGAL COERCION: A Critique of Weber, Durkheim and Marx
Rodopi Publishers, 1996:
Value Inquiry Book Series, vol. 44
ISBN 90-420-0185-2 (cloth); 90-420-0164-X (paper)
A critical study of the work in the area of law of three clasical social theorists: Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, and Karl Marx.
This critique focuses on the concept of rationality in Weber, the determination of law as repressive or restitutive in Durkheim, and the idea of justice in society in Marx.
The chapters deal with the themes of tradition, social control, equality, science, political authority, conflict resolution, ideology, community, and altruism. The legal issues are examined with insights from philosophy, sociology, religion, anthropology, politics, and economics.
An extensive essay by Virginia Black, in the form of an Afterword, discusses the main theses of this multidisciplinary work.
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