Drowning One's Sorrow
The Socio-Legal Implications of Alcoholism among Indigenous People
in manuscript
From the book:
Alcoholism is one of the prime scourges of indigenous people, whether Inuit in the northern arctic regions, Native Americans in the prairies and deserts to the south, Aborigines scattered throughout the continent of Australia or the Maori and other inhabitants of Pacific islands.
In this book, no attempt will be made to provide a practical solution to the problem of alcoholism. Workers in the areas of medicine, psychology and social work are involved in both treatment and research projects and have made some headway.
What I shall attempt to do in this book is to argue the need for a minimum degree of responsibility to be assigned to those who manufacture the harmful product, so that, like their counterparts in the tobacco industry (and increasingly in some other industries), they will be held accountable, at least, in part, for the damage that has been wrought. This responsibility is a multi-dimensional one – in social, moral and –most pertinently, but also perhaps most problematically – in legal terms.