Leon (Shaz) Sheleff

The Life and Work of Leon Sheleff

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In both his professional work and his personal life, Leon (Shaz*) Sheleff's approach to anything he did was intense, personal and immediate. Never the detached academic, he was always passionately involved. This website reflects this blend of the personal and the polemic; you’ll find manuscripts, articles and reviews, intermingled with intimate tributes and family anecdotes. All these are but reflections of an extraordinarily multidimensional life.
We hope here to support the continuation of Leon's vision - a vision dedicated to that which is so very human in us, to decency, justice and human dignity. Over time, we will be translating some of the material that now appears only in Hebrew or in English.
*"Shaz", a nickname from childhood, will be used interchangeably with "Leon" throughout the site.
We will be adding new material to the website from time to time. If you would like to be informed when the site is updated, or if you would like more information about Leon, please write to rinah@sheleff.com
With love from your family...
To honor and celebrate your life, your passion for justice and fairness, and your courage in upholding your convictions.
The Thin Green Line
During the last few months of his life, Leon's most important project was to publish his latest book. The Thin Green Line: From Intractable Problems to Feasible Solutions in the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict is his far-reaching vision for peace in the Middle East, written for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Click here to download the book in PDF format.
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In the Shadow of the Cross
"In the ocean of books that have been written about Christian-Jewish relations, In the Shadow of the Cross: Jewish-Christian Relations Through the Ages is the one book that everyone must read. A remarkably original and insightful study that will give Jews and Christians a new intellectual vocabulary to speak about themselves and each other." (S. Heschel)
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